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The Feast Of The Ascension

In a year that our parish has had to say goodbye to pillars and long-time elders and friends, the feast of the ascension holds particular relevance for us this year. The disciples and followers of Jesus must continue on without his day to day presence. No more seeing...

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Easter III

The prayer and message for the third week of Easter is for our eyes to be open to the divine presence all about us. Take time this week to gaze, to listen, to embrace, to contemplate all that is, and is in your life. Perhaps all our attention of late has been focused...

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The Seven Weeks Of Easter

The seven weeks of Easter is all about the emergence of life and living from the grip of death and dying. Whether you speak of the resurrection of Jesus, the return of spring, the expansion of daylight, or opening day of baseball - the rebirth and renewal of life is...

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Holy Week

At Maundy Thursday, the church remembers Jesus' last evening with his friends where they met and shared the Jewish Passover feast together in Jerusalem. In the gospel of John, Jesus washes the feet of his disciples as his final lesson to them "to love (and serve) one...

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Why The Church Does Holy Week

It is an important message to remember. Holy Week is about the darkness and suffering in the world. It is about injustice and the isolation felt when the weight of the world falls upon your shoulders. Holy Week is about the reality of cruelty and callous nature that...

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Knowing God in Death and Dying

As we approach Easter we must walk through the valley of death. Of course, if Easter is all about resurrection then we must enter through the door of death. Most of us in this room are quite acquainted with death. We have lost loved ones, friends, parents, wives and...

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