The seven weeks of Easter is all about the emergence of life and living from the grip of death and dying. Whether you speak of the resurrection of Jesus, the return of spring, the expansion of daylight, or opening day of baseball – the rebirth and renewal of life is all around us amidst the weeks of Easter.

This Sunday, May 5, (the third Sunday of Easter,) always features the collect of the day, “O God, whose blessed Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread : Open our eyes…”

The message of Easter is how the unseen world is made known to us in the simplest and diverse of ways and how one minute we are unaware and blind, then suddenly our hearts and eyes are opened to the wondrous divine presence of God through Christ. This is the message of Easter, be awakened, be aware, be-lieve in all the ways God is made known to you…through the breaking of bread…the sharing of a cup… a profound moment of prayer… a blade of grass, a mystical epiphany, a seed of faith. The sacraments of God are all around you revealing the beauty and presence of divine love and redemption.

Be present with the church to make the Eucharist for the sake of the world.