The Message of Love and Acceptance

Every week a message is delivered to the congregation – a great way to receive the message as we experience it as a parish is to join us for either of Sunday’s services. But for those Sundays you can’t make or maybe you haven’t been and want an idea of what Sunday’s homily might be like, the sermons from these services are typed out and published with the audio in our sermon archive. And in addition to the weekly homily, Fr. Richard Lightsey has another outlet for his reflections on life around the church with his blog Padre’s Posts.

Sunday Sermons


 Maybe you can’t make it in on a Sunday or maybe you want to dig a little deeper on something you heard in the service or maybe you just want to receive some positive messages with your content week to week – Maybe you should check out our Sermons. Updated every week with both the text and audio of the most recent service.


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Padre's Posts


Fr. Richard Lightsey reflects on life both inside and outside of the church and takes to spreading the message outside of his homilies. These posts will vary and cover topics like community, gratitude, and faith in addition to providing some background and reflection regarding the liturgical seasons like Lent, Easter, and Christmas.


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