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Holy Week

Maundy Thursday, April 18, is for many at St. Andrew, a beloved experience. It is a remembrance of Jesus' last supper with his friends. The evening includes, footwashing, the sacrament of serving, and the agape meal shared amidst candle light in parish hall.  The...

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Lent II

In the season of Lent the church turns her attention to the challenges and suffering in life. At St. andrew we walk the Stations of the Cross three times a week as a Lenten observance. This ancient devotion does not shy away or deny the agony and suffering that is...

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Lent I

The season of Lent is beloved at St. Andrew. It is a season inviting us back to the simple joys and beauty that is ours to share in creation. Winter's cold grasp and seclusion gives way to the warmth and invitation of the sun to reconnect with the people in our life....

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Anticipating Christmas II

This year, the fourth Sunday of Advent is squeezed in one day before Christmas Eve, but its message is too important to be neglected. The church's focus remains upon Mary, the Christ bearer. Mary is the ideal image of all humanity, willing to receive and give birth to...

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Anticipating Christmas

Christmas at St. Andrew has always been magical. I can still remember my first, having arrived in 2000 at the beginning of Advent. The beautiful church becomes radiant with lights amidst the greenery and the glow of candles adorning the pews. The air is filled with...

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In Advent

The third Sunday in Advent features the pink or rose colored candle. Its light represents the gifts of joy amidst the long journey in darkness. We need the little doses of hope and joy when bearing difficult times. We need the reprieves from bad and worst news. We...

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