When I sit in the chapel I find myself staring at the carved image of Jesus with arms open wide. In a contemplative state I am drawn into the kind presence the image evokes. The chapel itself is an intimate and effective place to experience the loving presence of God we know through the life and spirit of Jesus. The season of Easter is about enjoying intimate, informal and surprising visitations from the risen Christ.

In the Gospel story Jesus breaks into the disciples huddle in the upper room, appears mystically upon the waters while fishing, awaits them by a fire where he has prepared a meal for them, speaks Mary’s name in the garden where his body was laid to rest. Easter is filled with unexpected visitations of God through the loving image we know as Jesus. These “appearances” are intended to encourage us along our own journey in life and to fill us with the peace and spirit to walk the path of faith, hope, and love.

So be ready to see our risen Lord in surprising and unexpected times and ways throughout these seven weeks of Easter.