The Feast of All Saints marks the beginning of a new season at St. Andrew: Of Saints and Thanksgiving. Beginning with the Feast of All Saints, Nov. 1, and ending with the Feast of St. Andrew, our patron saint, Nov. 30, it is a time to harvest all that has filled our life throughout the year and presenting it in humility back to God with Thanksgiving. 

November features the final remnants of this year’s life and growth. The palette of green has aged to vibrant golds, reds, and brown and with the drop of the final leaf come December, we will be in winter’s sleep. There is a natural mysticism in November. The cold air is thin but not harsh. The holidays bring their own proclivity for reflection and the lengthening of the night brings a quiet stillness to the soul.

We share this season with the ancient and personal saints who have inspired our lives and walked the paths we wish to follow. Our common worship will remember all who have died in this past year and our prayers will be offered on behalf of a world still mourning the loss of loved ones through the senseless violence and natural disasters. 

May your days be filled with the communion of the saints who have inspired your life; and may your heart be filled with gratitude for all the gifts and challenges this year has brought.