(An excerpt from this Sunday, Feb 4, homily)

“…We, who are small, and tired, and weary can connect with the eternal source of love and kindness and life. We come together, even as few as two or three, to call upon God to act on behalf of us all, and especially those who suffer horribly in places where whole people groups are targeted for persecution and injustice. We come together and pray and advocate for those who languish without assistance, who hide in fear of injustice, who exchange wellness and freedom for substance and addiction.

We, like Jesus before us, are called to assert our place that he left to us amidst our own villages and communities bringing relief and healing to the sick and casting out the evil that corrupts the creation of God. You may call them demons or you may call them greed, prejudice, racism, sexism, addiction, abuse, violence, injustice, apathy, arrogance, despotism, poverty, discrimination, etc… and so forth.

When we who are small and powerless face these giants on our own we are overcome. But when we, as the saints throughout the ages have done, invoke the one who “established the foundations of the earth, who sits high above the circle of the earth, who brings princes to naught and makes the rulers of the earth as nothing” when we bring before God day and night our prayers, it is then that we, the meek, inherit the earth, to champion the holy causes of wellness and to bring dignity to all human beings, and to the whole creation…