It is bound to happen – living in the world – we lose the deeper places – we become stranded upon the surfaces – we know what we see – hear – touch – we no longer see below the surface – we have lost the language and life of soul. 

Advent beckons the reappearance and emergence of God in the world. Advent is the prophets’ cry for faithfulness and justice – Mary’s song for the lowly – the angel’s announcement of God’s conception into the world. Advent reunites God and humankind in the profound intimacy shared between mother and child. This is the fellowship the creation story imagined from the beginning. This is the relationship that inspired creation in the heart of God. Advent is our return to the beginning when God created all to be the community of heaven and earth.

We were not born to be temporal or contemporary. We emerged from all that preceded us and will remain in all that follows us – we are eternal. Our lives run deeper than the daily news or generational generalities. We are not boomers, busters, millennials, post millennials…. We are children of God born from the womb of women.

It is bound to happen – living in the world – to forget or never know any of this. To know only our daily experience and personal perspective. But advent is here to wake us up. To make a clear path for the rebirth of the divine from the womb of our lives. May our response be “Let it happen according to thy will.”