The Holy Days of Christmas | The 12th Day Of Christmas

The days of Christmas here in Kokomo have been the sequel to Disney’s “Frozen,” I for one am ready to “let it go”… the severe cold that is. I am definitely ready to emerge into the season of Epiphany. Tomorrow, January 6, is the feast of the Epiphany, beginning the third leg (Advent – Christmas- Epiphany) of our annual pilgrimage through the year of our Lord.

In the Gospel story, Epiphany is Jesus being recognized by persons in the world as the light of God. First by the wise men from the east, then by the old sages at the Temple in Jerusalem, by John at Jesus’ baptism, by his disciples who followed him. Epiphany is the life of Jesus emerging in our world and being recognized.

In our own stories and journeys, the season of Epiphany represents our own awakening and awareness to the light of God in our life. Epiphany marks the emergence of our lives through the waters and fires of the baptisms life brings to us. The baptisms that define who we are following difficult and painful experiences. The baptisms of illness, sorrow, disappointment, and tragedy. Even the baptisms of dealing with two weeks of single digit and negative temperature.

Epiphany is when the invisible attributes of the spirit like grace, love, hope, and wisdom, are made visible by our little attitudes and actions. Epiphany is when we recognize the visitations of the divine in our daily lives.