At our home, Annie insists upon an arbor that frames the entrance into the front garden. She said, “I like the feeling of passing through the arbor from one world of reality into the world of home”. She is greeted by the smells, sights, bees and butterflies that fill the garden that is our front yard, and feels she is no longer in Kokomo, but the mystical realm of home.

This is the vision intended for the community of the church. When one crosses the thresholds between one world and the beloved community, we are greeted with the seen and unseen ways and ethos of love, of peace, of grace, and of forgiveness. What a beautiful gift to give to the world. What an amazing privilege to be part of such a community of humanity and divinity, of flesh and of spirit, of beauty and grace, of belonging and of sharing of one’s life for the help and sake of others. This is the church. This is who we are, this is who we can be, this is what we are intended to be…”

Join us this sunday as we continue our journey on being God’s Beloved Community. Sunday Services 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM.