The Holy Days of Christmas | The 7th Day of Christmas & New Year’s Eve

The Christmas story is a dream come true. The dream had been told and shared in the Hebrew culture for hundreds of years. The dream became reality in a manger. It was immediately threatened and fled to Egypt until it was safe to return home. The dream was raised in anonymity in a little village. When the dream came of age it was allowed three years upon the world’s stage. And then….it was killed…until it was born again by the hearts and eyes and ears and hands who touched and heard and saw and was inspired by the dream come true.

When dreams emerge from the world of imagination, hope, and story they rarely look as they were dreamt. Dreams take on skin and vulnerability. Dreams are at risk when they are brought out into the light of day and dust of the earth. I suppose that is why most of us keep our dreams in dreamland. They are safer and left for only us to see and imagine.

But the Christmas story is about a dream come true. The dream of God incarnate in our very lives and from within each of us eternal light and grace and love and healing might radiate. And then…we would be a dream come true.