The Holy Days of Christmas | The 6th Day of Christmas

In every spiritual journey we see the seasons of the church played out in each life. The divine birth of Christmas happens in each of us, many times throughout our life. The births come following the deaths, like Jesus told Nicodemus, “you cannot enter the kingdom of God unless you be born again.”

Christmas represents the new life that does come when the old has passed away. We have all experienced this truth in our lives. Reflect back upon the decades (unless your particularly young, then let years or months suffice.) The pain of life passing is always followed by life emerging. Unfortunately, the dying and passing can be so painful and dark, we choose to believe nothing as good or better may follow… but it does. This is the truth of Christmas. In the quiet remote places of our being, new life is dawning in our soul. We are now given the charge to nurture and raise it just as Mary and Joseph nurtured and raised the child, Jesus.