The Feast of All Saint’s is Nov. 1. It is preceded by All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), and followed by The Feast of All Soul’s, a day to remember all who have lived before us. On the Sunday following The Feast of All Saint’s (Nov. 5), the liturgy will be directed toward the remembrance of all who have gone before us and who now pray for us from the communion of saints.

Our faith recognizes that life is eternal. When we die, “life is changed, not ended.” The saints and beloved people with whom we have shared our lives, continue to inspire and influence us, even as they pray for us.

Regardless of your own personal thoughts concerning life after death, the church invites us to remember the people who lived and died before us. These are the ones who perhaps raised us, loved and partnered with us, influenced us, inspired us, and left an indelible mark upon the world we have inherited from them. 

As the days of November herald the coming of winter, with its chill and darkness, light a candle in your home and remember the beloved saints in your own life who loved you and befriended you. Allow the memories of their life and influence upon you to bring warmth and light and gratitude. Remember, also, the eternal value and blessing of your own life. Allow the remembrance of those who have passed before you invoke the value of your own life to those who will follow you.