Jesus came down with the twelve and stood on a level place…  Jesus shared his life with a handful of others and together they changed the world.  Together they broke bread and shared it with others, they healed diseases and practiced compassion and they blessed the poor, the hungry, the mournful, and the troubled.  

I think when we find ourselves in the right kind of circles we can change the world too.. at least we can change our world.  Yesterday I shared the circle of the kitchen.  In the parish kitchen you share life with those who serve, who create feasts and offer hospitality.  If you enter the circle of the kitchen you will get to know tom richey, marvin and jody Howell, Michael ashworthe, chuck lewis, to name a few of the constants… others will come in and out of the circle experiencing the joy of serving and being in community.  

  Jesus came down with the twelve and stood on a level place…  I think sharing the right kind of circle brings you to a level place, to a well-rounded, healthy, balanced place.  The circle as a symbol is significant.  Its not a line, or a box, or a dot…  It’s a symbol of people living, and working, and thinking together…in unity and in diversity.  It is where ideas and perspectives get bounced around and balanced.  Its where those seeing things looking one way live in community with those who see things from a different perspective.

  On Sunday mornings at 9am I share a circle with a small number of people who come to our adult formation class.  Together we read reflections about what it means live your life in a vocation.  My life is changed as I share that time with them, the wisdom we read together, and the unique and insightful thoughts that are shared together.  I wonder how often you gather with others to intentionally expand and enrich your life and perspective and wisdom?

Jesus came down with the twelve apostles and stood on a level place… and the multitudes gathered and were taught, and healed, and comforted, and encouraged.  I imagine the life we share in the parish as a circle. Every year we walk the seasons of the church creating the circle of Christ’s life from conception to resurrection.  Together we offer the prayers, divine wisdom, make the eucharist – all for the sake of the world.  I hope by sharing this liturgical circle in the community of the parish your own life finds and lives in this holy and eternal rhythm of grace and peace,  life and death and resurrection.