(an excerpt from homily for January 14)

At some point, we must give ourselves to the one who unites and heals as opposed to divides and conquers. We must give ourselves to the one who creates and imagines instead of deconstructs and mocks. We must give ourselves to the one who wonderfully makes all kinds of persons who bring their own light into the world.

Yesterday morning, I spent just a few minutes sitting quietly while watching the fat snowflakes gently descend through the air. It was nurturing and calming. Instead of wrestling with the cold or shoveling the snow, I chose to enjoy it for what it provided. Beauty and peace.

Now those are words from the heart of God: beauty and peace.

Epiphany invites us into the quiet and contemplative places where the voices are neither anxious nor angry, evocative or provocative, divisive nor demeaning. In the quiet and still places we hear the word of love, beauty, peace, and hope, transformational and profound.