The litany of names scrolled upon the screen each year at the Feast of All Saints is profound. All who have died from this parish for the past 130+ years are remembered, if only for the time it takes to roll from top to bottom of screen. But, in that second of visual remembrance, a past saint’s life in the parish literally flashes before us.

For me, whose life in this parish is a brief eighteen years, names such as Cheryl Lakin, Diane McCord, John Eklem, Naomi Manton, Larry Bailey, Lee Lacey, Frank King, to name just a few, recall volumes of friendship, shared meals, parish life, precious wisdom, loving service, life in community… 

The names of all who lived and shared and hence died from this parish remind me that what I experience at St. Andrew is more like family than it is congregation. Life here is precious, and those with whom we have shared it and are no longer with us, are missed and beloved.

Come throughout November as we remember the communion of saints with whom we share eternal life.