The parish of St. Andrew has been part of the city of Kokomo since 1885. We have been the only representation of the Episcopal Tradition throughout our 133 year history. The Episcopal tradition and ethos is a unique stream within American Christian history, offering the ancient rites of the sacramental tradition while being a prophetic voice for cultural change when our society and world enables and promotes economic, ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender discrimination. The Episcopal tradition is unique in its retention of the catholic faith even while engaging the world in the midst of cultural evolution.

The Parish of St. Andrew accepts and embraces its identity as The Episcopal Church in Kokomo, offering the spirituality of the catholic tradition and the relevant voice and practice of faith, hope, and love in our city and world, today. We are a parish In The Heart of Kokomo, with a Heart for Kokomo, committed to serving and living on behalf of the city, while being an oasis and beacon of God’s compassion, embrace, and wellness to all who seek the ways of faith, hope, and love in our world, today.