Advent begins with the prophets calling out to “make way,” “turn around”, WAKE UP! We all fall asleep at the wheel of life. The actions and motion remain but the spirit is waning, our passion and convictions in life have diminished. Routine has taken over and we need to “begin again” with new heart and vision.

We can know what we are supposed to be doing with our life, but if we lack the heart and passion to do it, then we will remain in the mediocrity of our lives. Advent calls out to us from the wilderness to our “comfortably numb” conditions, to revive the heart and spirit of our life.

We are “world weary.” The daily news of those above us behaving below us has put us all on shaky and shallow ground. But the prophets are accustomed to dealing with fickle and arrogant rulers and powers. Their voices call out to us to walk again the ancient path of goodness, and compassion, and integrity, and love. Those who rule the day will be gone tomorrow but the grounding of God lies before us and we are called to return to the ways of the LORD.

The prophets do not accept the folly of the times as an excuse for our own foolish disregard of walking the path of faith, hope, and love. We are to be firmly planted, with our roots running deep below the surface, to drink the wisdom and ways that flow from the deeper places.

Advent calls out to us, “be born again, again!” into the mystical body of Jesus who in his own day suffered under the hand of corrupt and mismanaged government to live a life of peace, truth, healing, and intimacy with the divine eternal. We have the keys to opening the doors of God’s kingdom, but have we lost the faith and tenacity to exercise the authority given to the church: to bind the wicked powers that destroy the creation of God, and to invoke the blessing and peace of God upon the earth? So that, the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together…”