Public Relations and Newmember Incorporation

A question for any church to ask of itself is, "If our church were to disappear next week, who would miss us other than the members?" Our parish exists in the heart of the city but we keep a very quiet profile. St. Andrew church is a well-kept secret and yet, our members have played significant roles in the community for over 125 years. We have much to offer and attract the people of Kokomo and Howard County. The following are some of the ways we hope to raise our visibility and profile throughout Howard County.

Advertising & Marketing

The Public Relations Team is responsible for developing an annual advertising strategy for our parish. All of our events will be advertised through all of the available community calendar and community-service announcements. By far, the most effective advertising and marketing for a church are the members. Each of us can be enthusiastic inviters and beacons of our parish. Do not be shy to invite people to church and to parish functions. We have a wonderful community to share and many people are without a church family.

Community Events

Our location is one of our greatest assets: right across the street from Foster Park, a venue the city leaders are investing and utilizing for community events. We can host open events that include food, music, games and children's activities. These events are an opportunity to gather with church family and welcome many guests and visitors to our church.

Website Design and Administration

Studies show, those who do not learn of your church by word of mouth, will most likely be introduced to your church via the website. Also, the growing means by which people communicate is through the internet. The public relations team has been working throughout the summer redesigning and updating our website for more efficient and effective communication within the parish family, and to all who are surfing the net in search of a church to visit.

Camera & Video Team

A picture paints a thousand words and there are many wonderful moments at Saint Andrew to capture and share through our monthly newsletter and our website. We also have the capability to create our own media presentations that can be linked to the website: our annual pet blessing has been featured on our website for the past two years. Future projects include a "Welcome to St. Andrew" video that inquirers can watch giving them an "on-line" introduction to our parish.

Newcomer's Class & Ministry

As the news of our church spreads, people will visit and wish to become part of our parish family. We are working on designing a process where newcomers can share time and meals together in a casual environment where they can become acquainted with the church.

Newsletter Team

Help collate and label monthly newsletter.