Pastoral Care

As a parish, we are committed to being a community that cares. When members think of our church, we hope they consider it a place in which they feel significant and vital. We do not wish for parishioners to be alone in the difficult times of their lives, and we hope to see our church be family for all.

Pastoral Care is not only care from the pastor, but it is the overall culture and environment of care provided by the parish. It requires the involvement and commitment of many people to provide adequate pastoral care to a parish the size of St. Andrew.

At present, we are developing six different areas of pastoral care: Lay Eucharistic Visitors, Attendance Follow-Up, Home Meals Ministry, Funeral Meals Ministry and Shut-In visitation.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

A Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) is trained and licensed by the Bishop to bring communion from the altar to members who are homebound or recovering from illness and cannot gather with the church. This ministry is an important part of our sacramental life and commitment to the elderly and infirmed.

Attendance Follow-up

This is a new ministry in an effort to increase the level of personal care and significance throughout our parish. A small team of people from each service will take attendance and follow-up with positive and appropriate prayers, thanksgivings, cards and inquiry of all the regular attendees of each service. It is our hope that no one who attends St. Andrew on a regular basis will be present or absent without being noticed.

Flower Ministry

We attempt to bring the flowers from the altar to bless and encourage those who are sick, grieving, or infirmed. It is a wonderful gift to receive flowers from the parish and we need people to help make bouquets and deliver the flowers.

Home Meals Ministry

As families experience transitions such as births and/or deaths we wish to coordinate and deliver meals as an act of kindness and care. Other times meals from the parish are appreciated are when members of the household are ill and/or in recovery.

Funeral Meals Ministry

Our parish is beloved for the way we care for those bereaving the loss of a loved one following a funeral. Be a part of a team of who help prepare and serve a reception meal in parish hall following all funerals.

Shut-In Visitation

Adopt a person who can no longer attend Church because of physical illness or old age. We keep a regular list of "shut-ins" and we need an equal or larger group of people who will commit to visiting our shut-ins.

Jesus left us a commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you." Christian love has long been recognized through compassion, mercy, service, and generosity. The Pastoral Care Ministries of our church is committed to making our parish a place where people really do "love one another."

Telephone/E-mail Prayer Chain

People accomplish a lot of things through making lists. Prayer is no exception.  I have discovered during my years at St. Andrew Church, the power of praying from  three to four page list of names of people requesting prayer under a variety of categories.  People needing prayers contact a church member, or me personally via phone or email. All names are confidential, except for the 30 or so people who are members of the prayer team. There Is a smaller number of people who receive updates that are received between bi-monthly printings of a new prayer list. During weekly celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, and daily readings of the Daily office, intercessory prayer is done , using the prayer list in the chapel. So, this a vital ministry of great power for the welfare of all. Those who pray are brought by the practice into a more intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior. We welcome you to join us.