Community and World Outreach

Our parish has been part of the community of Kokomo for almost one hundred and twenty-five years. It is important that the life of our parish be involved in the life of our community. Many of our parishioners serve social and civic organizations throughout Kokomo in various roles and responsibilities as volunteers, board members, trustees, and employees. Our parish, being downtown, represents our commitment to the heart and center of Kokomo. It is also a clear message from the Gospels that the church's primary purpose is to be a community of hope and help to all. From the descriptions in Acts 2:42-47, we read of a community committed to sharing what it had for the sake of all. The church was "enjoying the favor of all the people" (Acts 2:47) largely because of its generous spirit and welcome to all. At the present time our efforts are partnered with the following local agencies and missionaries:

Community Food Pantries

Every Sunday parishioners are asked to bring items to assist the Rescue Mission and other food pantries around town to provide for people in need. The Outreach Committee helps to inform, remind, and update the needs of the pantries.

McKinley Partnership

Since 2003, our parish has been offering tutoring and music to the Middle School Students of McKinley School. It is the goal to provide ten to twenty volunteers each school year who provide mentoring for young people.

Kokomo Urban Outreach

We have partnered with Jeff Newton from the beginning of K.U.O. in 2005. The work and ministry of K.U.O. is to help churches become centers of community help and hope by offering their resources for the sake of the needs both in and beyond the church community.

A Neighborhood of Hope

Under the guidance of K.U.O. we hope to become a "Neighborhood of Hope." Saint Andrew would become a community center of hospitality, social assistance, mentoring, and after-school programs to residents within the neighborhoods surrounding the church.

Community Agency Liaison

Over the past few years we have partnered with several local agencies in their efforts to assist people in need throughout our community. Our hope is to increase and expand our assistance providing help financially and with volunteers.


Coordinated Assistance Ministries is the only day shelter for those who are homeless in Howard County. C.A.M. offers assistance to clients in finding employment and the social assistance for which they qualify. C.A.M. also provides a place of daily community and hospitality.

The Giliad House

The Giliad House is a rehabilitation home for single mothers who struggle with addiction.

Meals On Wheels

The Meals On Wheels program provides meals to low income and homebound seniors.

World Missions Support

Presently the parish prays for and financially supports four missionary families:

-Russ and Heidi Smith in Chile
-Mary Sherwood in Madagascar (pictured)
-Frank and Anne Bernardi in Northern Africa
-Chuck and Ramona Shawver in Mexico