Buildings and Grounds

We are blessed and challenged by our facilities. Our church stands in the middle of the city, across from Foster Park as an image of beauty, reverence, and welcome. All who enter the sanctuary of the church are struck by its aesthetics; all are drawn into the presence of the holy. A great deal of who we are as the Episcopal Church is communicated by our facility, both inside and out.

We are challenged with such a gift because of the regular need for care, maintenance, and repair. Presently we have a team of capable people giving attention to the facility and who have made great improvements. The combined efforts of this core group have brought a great deal of revitalization to our beloved home but we need additional involvement from the parish.


Assist with mulching, trimming, planting fall and spring bulbs/flowers

Parish Work Days

Three to four times/year the Vestry, Wardens, and Buildings and Grounds Team host parish work days where large projects are undertaken to improve parish aesthetics.

Emergency Snow Removal

Winter Snow storms happen late Saturday Night/early Sunday mornings (or so it seems). We need a group of 4-5 hearty folk able to clear the sidewalks and walk-ways, salt the paths and entry ways by 7:00 AM, Sunday mornings when "weather happens."