Recent Homilies

Oct 15, 2017 Beloved Community (Fr. Richard)
Oct 1, 2017 The Mind Of Christ (Fr. Richard)
Sep 24, 2017 Equal Blessings (Fr. Richard)
Sep 17, 2017 Who Are We (Fr. Richard)
Sep 10, 2017 Every Season Is Filled With Its Own Memories (Fr. Richard)
Sep 3, 2017 St Paul's Checklist (Fr. Richard)
Aug 27, 2017 Who Do We Say We Are (Fr. Richard)
Aug 20, 2017 The Caananite Woman's Faith (Rev. Mindy) [no text]
Aug 13, 2017God Is In The Silence (Fr. Richard) [no text] 
Aug 6, 2017 Being Present (Fr. Richard)
Jul 30, 2017 The Kingdom Of God Is Like... (Fr. Richard)
Jul 2, 2017 What We Can Be For Our City And Nation (Fr. Richard)
Jun 25, 2017 The Church Is Sent Out II (Fr. Richard)
Jun 18, 2017The Church Is Sent Out (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Jun 11, 2017Trinity Sunday (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Jun 4, 2017The Day Of Pentecost (Fr. Richard) [no text] 
May 28, 2017For The Sake Of Others (Fr. Richard) [no text] 
May 21, 2017 Blessed To Be A Blessing (Fr. Richard)
May 14, 2017 Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled (Fr. Richard)
May 7, 2017Good Shepherd Sunday (Bishop Sparks) [no text] 
Apr 30, 2017 Love One Another As I Have Loved You (Fr. Richard)
Apr 23, 2017 Faith, More Precious Than Gold (Fr. Richard)
Apr 16, 2017 Easter: The Life We Discover (Fr. Richard)
Apr 2, 2017The Divine Rhythm Of Life (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Mar 26, 2017 Be Children Of Light (Fr. Richard)
Mar 19, 2017 The Feast Of Saint Patrick (Fr. Richard)
Mar 12, 2017 Open Your Heart And Your Mind (Fr. Richard)
Mar 5, 2017What Are We Hungry For? (Rev. M. Hancock) [no text] 
Feb 26, 2017 What Transfigures Us? (Fr. Richard)
Feb 19, 2017 Building Upon The Foundation Of Jesus Christ
 (Fr. Richard)
Feb 12, 2017 Getting Past Milk (Fr. Richard)
Feb 5, 2017 You Are The Light Of The World (Rev. Mindy Hancock)
Jan 22, 2017 Emerging Into The World (Fr. Richard)
Jan 15, 2017 Namaste: The Divine In Me Sees The Divine In You (Fr. Richard)
Jan 8, 2017 Epiphany, The Baptism Of Jesus (Rev. Mindy Hancock)
Jan 1, 2017 The Holy Name Of Jesus (Fr. Richard)
Dec 24, 2016Christmas Eve (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Dec 11, 2016 Be Patient, Beloved (Fr. Richard)
Dec 4, 2016 It's Advent... (Fr. Richard)
Nov 27, 2016 Always, We Begin Again (Fr. Richard)
Nov 20, 2016Christ The King (Rev. Mindy Hancock)
Nov 13, 2016Christian Courage (Rev. Josh Hancock)
Oct 30, 2016 People Can Change (Fr. Richard)
Oct 23, 2016Have Mercy On Me (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Oct 16, 2016 Wrestling With God (Fr. Richard)
Oct 2, 2016 Give Us More Faith (Fr. Richard)
Sep 25, 2016 Living The Good Life (Fr. Richard)
Sep 18, 2016 Prayers Are Offered (Fr. Richard)
Sep 11, 2016 Jesus, The Good Shepherd (Fr. Richard)
Sep 4, 2016Learn To Live Into Hard Things (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Aug 28, 2016 The Virtues We Can Aspire (Fr. Richard)
Aug 21, 2016The Power Of Faith III (Fr. Richard) [no audio]
Aug 14, 2016The Power Of Faith II (Fr. Richard)
Aug 7, 2016The Power Of Faith (Fr. Richard) [text not available] 
Jul 17, 2016Colossans I (Rev. Mindy Hancock) [no audio]
Jul 10, 2016Just Who Is My Neighbor? (Bishop Sparks) [no text] 
Jul 3, 2016Transcendent, Prophetic, & Incarnational (Fr. Richard)

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