Plan Your Visit

We have three services each Sunday morning. Each service is based upon the Episcopal liturgy (a prescribed form for public religious worship that is steeped in over 500 years of tradition); however, each service has a different style of language and music that engages those worshiping with a spirit filled experience. Our three services offer:

This service begins at 7:30 am and uses traditional English episcopal language and hymns.
This service begins at 9 am and uses contemporary language, traditional hymns and praise music all led by a formal choir. Child and toddler care is provided during this service.*
This service begins at 11:11 am and uses video projection for the Liturgy and a live band providing music that features modern lyrics and rhythms. Child and toddler care is provided during this service.*

*If parents desire, children and toddlers may attend service with them.

Most younger families, young adults, singles and those unfamiliar with church all together prefer either the 9 am or 11:11 am service.

Plan to arrive at the service of your choosing approximately 10 minutes early.

Each service will last about an hour.

Fellowship with coffee and rolls is offered between each service, please stay and enjoy!

Youth and adult classes (we call them Christian formation) are offered between 10:15 and 11 am.