Participating in the Service

First, relax and enjoy the service! It’s okay to participate at your level of comfort.

Worship at Saint Andrew involves everyone throughout the service in song, prayer, listening to God’s word and taking communion (referred to as Holy Eucharist). Throughout the service you will see people kneel, stand or sit at specific times as we worship. It’s a style of worship called liturgical.

In the racks on the back of the pews you will find a hymnal, blue in color, and a second, smaller book, usually black or red in color, with a cross on the front. This book is known as The Book of Common Prayer and it is usually (unless on special occasions) used for our service. The leader (Celebrant) will direct you to the appropriate pages throughout the worship service.

At the traditional (7:30 am) and contemporary (9 am) services the hymnal will be used at the beginning, during and close of the service. The contemporary service will also incorporate a paperback songbook titled Renew during communion. This songbook can be found at the end of each pew. At the emergent (11:11 am) service, the video projection system is used.

As a general rule, we stand to sing, sit to listen and stand or kneel to pray. At communion (the Holy Eucharist) we ready ourselves through prayer and receive the gifts of bread and wine. All baptized believers are welcome to receive these sacramental gifts. If you are not baptized, you are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing. To indicate you would only like to receive a blessing, simply fold your arms over your chest.