Entering the Sanctuary

The area where everyone sits during the service is called the Nave. Normally, when we enter the Nave, we prepare for the upcoming service. The pre-service atmosphere tends to get more energetic as the day progresses. At the traditional service it is typically quiet. Conversations, if any, are whispered. The contemporary service is very cordial and somewhat quiet. The emergent service, however, is usually noisy with increased chatter, conversations and kids being kids.

At all of the services you will be welcomed first by the greeters and then by ushers. You will be given a handout or pamphlet by the ushers that will aid in following the service. Expect that someone will offer to help to ensure you can follow the liturgy. If you have questions, just look around and someone will readily and willingly assist you.

After you enter a pew, you may sit or kneel to pray. If you pray, pray about whatever the spirit moves you to pray and it is always nice to include a blessing for the homilist, asking that the message touches someone’s heart.

You will easily recognize the start of service when those attending stand.