Vision & Mission

The Spirit of the Community...

St. Andrew Parish is more than just a church. It's a vital community of individuals sharing their journey of faith with one another. From the moment you enter its doors, you feel the unique, creative spirit present within St. Andrew. This spirit flows from within St. Andrew's people and spills out its joyful, energizing force to embrace all who come to worship.

Reflecting the early Christian community, St. Andrew is led by its people. Lay leadership is central to St. Andrew's spirit; members know they are responsible for community life. Church is created by those moved by the Spirit to ministry that meets the real needs of real people.

Our Community Strives to Be...

Christ Centered

We are a community of Christian believers who daily strive to make Jesus Christ central in our lives. He is Lord of the Church, and it is around him that our vision and mission revolve. Although Jesus commands us to be whole and complete, none in our community would claim to have arrived. We are always in process, maturing only as we continually yield ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

A Place to Meet God

We experience the presence of Jesus in one another, in the bread, in the wine, and in the symbols of our worship. We experience the presence of Jesus in the Scriptures as we hear and share how to live more fully, and in the witness of those Christians who have lived in ages past. We celebrate the Holy Spirit as the active, dynamic and vital force in our midst.


We value community and individuality, ritual and spontaneity, truth and the questioning search, formality and informality, participation and meditation, the contemporary and the traditional, unity and diversity. In all these expressions, we attempt to be open as we welcome and accept every person, knowing that God might be calling us to experience his presence in a new and fuller way through those who cross our path.


We are one and yet are individually unique in the Body of Christ, just as the human body is one and yet made up of many diverse parts. All people are created in God's image and have unique gifts to offer at every stage of life. Through baptism, God empowers children, teens and adults to be full participants in our worship, ministries and leadership.

Community Mission

St. Andrew Parish believes it is called by God to:

FIND... love others by bringing them to meet and experience the risen Christ.

FORM... encourage the limitless expressions of transformation in each person's life that uniquely mold and strengthen us into the image of God in Jesus.

FREE... offer freedom to the powerless through the life-giving power of Jesus Christ.