About our Vestry

Duties of the Vestry

The Saint Andrew vestry is a committee of 12 members elected by the congregation to assist in (1) directing the vision and mission and (2) managing the affairs of the church.

According to the canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana:

The vestry shall be responsible for the temporal affairs of the parish and approval of the annual budget including all maintenance and provision of funds for operation of the parish. It shall organize as provided by law governing the Diocese or parish by-laws consistent therewith. (Canon 7 Section 4)

Members serve staggered 3-year terms. Each year during the annual parish meeting, four new members are elected. All confirmed members over the age of 18 who pledge to display the qualities listed below are eligible to stand for election.

Qualities of Vestry Members

We have responded to the call of our baptism to be servants of God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We rarely miss attendance at Eucharist on Sunday.

We are servant leaders in the parish in the proportion of our income that we return to God's Church. We have signed the Vestry Stewardship Statement, committing ourselves to the minimum standard of the tithe. If we are not presently giving ten percent of what we have, we are intentionally increasing our giving over a set number of years until the standard of the tithe is reached. We are active in the ministry of financial stewardship.

We are aware of and participate in the parish's Christian Formation process.

We pray daily for St. Andrew Episcopal Church, its mission and ministry, its rector, clergy, staff, wardens, vestry, and people, that God will increase his grace within the Body and prosper the parish in its growth and development, believing that prayer helps us to discern God's leading.

We are in the forefront in greeting newcomers and helping them feel welcome in the congregation.

We pledge to attend faithfully the regular monthly meetings of the vestry, special meetings as called, the Annual Meeting of the Parish and the annual vestry retreat, as well as be a visible presence in our parish life.

We serve as liaison, chair, or member of a parish committee as appointed by the rector, and carry out the over-sight of that committee.

We will work with the clergy, staff and other members of the parish to form an environment of mutual trust and loyalty.

We are not afraid to take a stand or be fearful of conflict when a particular situation calls for people to stand up and be counted.

We understand that we are called not only to advise the clergy but to minister to them and the other members of the congregation.

We realize that we are called to active leadership in the parish even after our term on the vestry ends.